torsdag 29 januari 2009

This is from Club Best Wishes in Gothenburg. November 2008. My friend Jonas Franke-Blom has contributed to songs on records in the past. We have talked about playing a show together but time was never right. Well now it was and I am so happy we did it! He adds so much with his cello work and the vibe of the songs and the crowd was amazing! I did some songs myself and some togehther with Jonas. Here are some clips.

"You came into my life"

"How did this ocean get so vast"

"Meet again"

"You if anyone"

tisdag 6 januari 2009


2008 had it's ups and downs... I want to thank my band for a fantastic job! Music sounds better with you!

Here are some big ups though!

Ohio Stars from Gothenburg, november 2008.

"Never Be Alright" from Kräfskivefestivalen summer 2008.

"Our sun will set" from Vinylbaren, KB Malmö

lördag 3 januari 2009

The Flood

This is a song I wrote while on tour in the USA. It never made it onto any album. This is probably the only time I played it with Glen. It's a practice tape I found.

Also a video from Luna records in indianapolis...

The Flood (practice)

The Flood Luna records, Indianapolis (instore performance) 2002. Video.

You came into my life

A pretty new demo song.

You came into my life

Silver sun

"If we were oceans" was a compilation of unreleased songs by RPP, Kristofer Åström, Boy Omega and Two times the trauma.

This song Silver sun, is a song I never played live because I can´t remember what tuning I used :) It was a weird one.

I love the song. It means alot. Here it is.

Silver Sun

Neil Young

We opened up for a fantastic band from Canada, Great Lake Swimmers. I was talking to their banjo player before the show and he asked me if he could join in on a song... Sure! Well they are canadian so I chose to play a song by Neil Young.

(Neil Young cover feat. Eric from GLS)

Songs: Ohia

I was always a huge fan of Jason Molina. I had the privilege to open for him in 2007. This is a cover I recorded in Connersville, Indiana, USA in 2002.

Love leaves its abusers
(Songs: Ohia cover)